Get actionable insights from your conversations

Improve agent performance, enhance customer experience, and drive operational efficiencies leveraging Sayint Artificial Intelligence.

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“Thousands of agents win better conversations every day using Sayint AI.”

Compliance Improvements

Audit 100% of your calls with Sayint to ensure adherence to regulatory and organization-wide compliance measures.


Nurture Call Insights

Get smarter insights from your calls to evaluate agent’s performance, improve sales, and customer retention; leveraging built in metrics such as sales-pitch, sales negotiation, and sold-out price.

Convert More Interactions

Helping your banking business to increase appointment bookings, customer satisfaction, and revenue.


Increase Sales Productivity

Measure sales effectiveness, obtain insights on what the ‘best' do and find ways to replicate. Create new metrics using OTTS ( Over the top service) like absolute no, percentage and the average time from stage A to B.

Sales Effectiveness

Measure Sales Effectiveness related to average call wait and hold time , upsell a Cross-sell attempts, objection handling and many other Metrics


Sayint for

Sales Agents
Account Executives
Team Leads
Audit Managers
Customer support representatives.

Uncover Valuable Insights Using AI

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