Sayint helps Europe’s largest holiday provider to improve its Customer experience


How implementing Sayint Speech Analytics helped them improve their customer interactions and brought in cost savings.


This European OTA  has been providing European customers with great value holidays for over 20 years.  All holidays by this provider are ATOL (Air-travel Organizer Licensing) protected. Providers like these have a high dependency on live agent interactions to book the holidays. Customers search for holidays online and book holidays after confirming the live prices over phone. They may also call in to enquire more details about the hotel, flight provider or even look for a deal available. All booking details like passenger names, flights, hotels, travel dates , etc., are are gathered from the customer verbally. This increases the likelihood of typos and incomplete booking requests. Often errors in hotel bookings,  wrong number of bags, spelling errors in names and wrong number of passengers generally result in a cost to the company (to correct the mistakes) & more calls to customer support. They had a audit team of about 50 agents to manually audit (listen/ identify mistakes) calls on a day to day basis. Even with 50 agents they were able to only audit about 2% of the calls.


Prior to deploying the Speech Analytics System, Holiday Provider was incurring loss on daily basis due to the cost involved in auditing the booking calls. Since most of these errors were detected reactively when customers called upon facing a booking related problem (often around travel dates). This resulted in an escalation of costs to fix the error (alternate last minute accommodations or flight bookings). Customer experience and brand reputation also took a downward spiral due to the pain caused to the customer. By deploying the speech analytics system, the holiday provider  has been able to save close to £200,000 per year.   Speech Analytics components such as Keyword spotting, Sentiment analysis, Call classification, Agent Screen Recorder and Call audit Management helped maximize efficiency gains.  

CEO of the company explains how call centre analytics developed to use artificial intelligence has been deployed to boost the brand reputation & improve the bottom line for the company. Holiday Provider is lucky to enjoy unprompted brand recognition levels of 40%, which puts it on a par with some of the travel giants such as  Thomas Cook  and Expedia.

Testimonial from MD of the holiday provider

Sayint allows us to record every inbound and outbound call into the call centre and then translate these into written words, so that they can be data mined using the latest big data Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Sayint has allowed us to create sentiment algorithms weighing basic factors such as call length, hold times, silences etc and then overlay them with scoring based on the presence of both positive and negative phrases.

The tool also allows managers to walk through calls with an agent, drill down in the written conversational record to where that negative phrase occurred, so they can then listen to that exact section of the call and coach a better approach.

This has allowed us to focus management review and training precisely where it was needed, which in turn has increased the average satisfaction levels on non-booking calls by 26%, as well as increasing call centre conversion by 15%.

It is, however, the improvement in satisfaction levels on non-booking calls that European OTA continues to focus on because this is both where its ability to increase profits lies and the biggest numerical influence on its average review scores in sites like Trust Pilot and Feefo.

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