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Potential of AI-Enabled Digital Tranformation in Banking

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The World Economic Forum classifies the creation of “Industry 4.0”, a mode of business currently under adoption across many sectors, that will operate on a digital-native model. Organizations across the world have seen the results digital-savvy enterprises bring and understand how it can transform customer engagement and process Digital transformation At the recent ITxpo by Gartner in Orlando, a...

Interspeech 2018 Helps Helped Sayint Bolster Its Product


Events are a great way to gather an industry that spans boundaries, domains and technologies. It allows us to collectively address challenges that several players face, apply learnings from leading research scientists or think-tanks, and solve global problems that go beyond business interests. We were successful to have been part of the Interspeech community by participating at the 2018 edition...

The Beginners Guide to Customer Experience Metrics (CSAT, NPS and CES)


In any business, a customer is not less than  god. Undoubtedly, it is imperative to keep your god (in the form of your customer) happy. Now how to keep your customer happy is a question that is central to almost all the businesses. There are umpteen people who seek advices of successful businessmen and financial gurus to solve the mystery. The answer lies in having a fair idea about the customer...

7 ways to improve customer service in Banking using conversational analytics


Customer service has always been a crucial element in any business and it holds immense importance in the banking sector too. In order to boost customer loyalty, banks need to pay more attention to their customers by listening to them. With the recently mushroomed technologies like artificial intelligence, we are seeing a phenomenal transition in the way people interact with brands and devices...

Voice of the customer using conversational analytics


In an omni channel environment, customers interact with brands on multiple mediums, While conversations are happening on phone, there is a new set of customers who prefer to leverage other channels including email, chat and social media, attributed to quick response and resolution time in these channels. Brands have invested heavily in setting up infrastructure to service customers within...

Putting Work on Autopilot using Robotic Process Automation


Automation is a hot topic nowadays, and robotics that aids this technology is a powerful combination to accelerate business processes that are routine, rule-based or high in volume. With structured inputs and clear business rules, Robotic Process Automation software using AI Showcases how people interact with software applications, and generates results in shorter time, with lesser mistakes and a...

Chatbots – AI use case for Enterprise mobility.


Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered bots are already providing superior customer service with features such as 24 hour business support, instant response to simple queries etc. Evolving technology has now taken customer service to the next level with virtual assistants, which are software programs that help in performing tasks through voice commands. Siri and Alexa are examples of...

Sayint helps Europe’s largest holiday provider to improve its Customer experience


How implementing Sayint Speech Analytics helped them improve their customer interactions and brought in cost savings. Problem This European OTA  has been providing European customers with great value holidays for over 20 years.  All holidays by this provider are ATOL (Air-travel Organizer Licensing) protected. Providers like these have a high dependency on live agent interactions to book the...

Unveiling Sayint’s Workspace -Brighter Dreams – Bigger Spaces and lots of fun


For us, having our own office has been a dream for a while now. But, we have finally fleshed out this dream, and it’s time to unveil the new and cool work-space we have built. Today, Sayint owns one of the youngest, most happening workspaces inspired by the technologies of tomorrow. We use AI and other important innovations to set new benchmarks in customer experience. And these innovations...

Why Likitha from IIT-ISM Dhanbad Interned at Sayint and Ditched Top MNC’S?


With a string of technologies emerging faster than the earth completing a spin around the sun, it can be overwhelming to understand which path to take to steer your career in the right direction. Taking an internship with a firm can be a good starting point for many, especially those who are equipped in terms of knowledge post their college degree. Sayint.AI is an Artificial Intelligence-based...

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