Smart Insights from Conversations

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Increase in Sales Conversion


Increase in Customer Satisfaction Score


Improvement in Compliance and Audit Score


Improvement in Agent Performance

Our Features and Benefits

  • Sales Intelligence and Analytics

    Sayint uncovers valuable performance metrics for the sales team to identify knowledge and training gaps, script adherence, talk-over analysis, objection handling and other micro metrics to enable sales teams to track, engage and close deals better.

  • Automated Audit and Compliance Monitoring

    Sayint helps organizations audit 100% of conversations as opposed to 2-3% which is the industry standard. The platform also alerts relevant teams about potential threats and breaches and helps reduce the risk of penalties. This makes compliance documentation and proofing becomes easy.

  • Customer Experience

    From capturing key metrics like C-SAT, NPS and CES based on industry benchmarks to showing customer journey reviews from disparate data sources and proactively engaging with relevant services, Sayint takes a holistic approach. It goes beyond surveys and objectively scores every customer interaction and identifies intent, sentiment and overall journey satisfaction.

  • Agent Performance Monitoring

    Sayint helps monitor the quality of interactions between organizations and their customers and automatically creates scorecards to identify training and knowledge gaps. It also provides in-depth insights to consistently improve agent performance which directly impacts customer satisfaction, retention and brand reputation.

Our Solution

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